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February 2, 2024

S09, E98 In Studio with FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh

We’re kicking off 2024 by sitting down with FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh to discuss a wide range of topics facing the Department including the ongoing lithium-ion battery crisis and how the FDNY is helping combat it on a national, state and local level, the upcoming strategic […]
November 30, 2023

S08, E96 Trench Rescue Operations with FDNY Lieutenant Todd Smith

A trench is considered a temporary excavation where both the length of the floor and the depth of the trench exceeds the width of the floor. Construction and underground utility service and repair are a few of the reasons trenches are dug. The large amount of […]

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Building Construction:
The Firefighter's Battlespace

Chief Vincent Dunn, the most prolific author in the fire service, has returned to the FDNY. In his latest book, Chief Dunn declares firefighting is a war and buildings the Firefighter’s battlespace. Chief Dunn says a battlespace is the total fire environment, the inside and outside of a burning building. A battlespace is not just the room and fire, it includes much more. Chief Dunn also tells us about firefighting “game changers” in this book. A “game changer” is notification of an event, construction feature or fire growth that changes an incident commander’s thinking or strategy.


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