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Art of Bravery takes you on a historical tour of some of the fine artwork that has graced the covers and inside pages of WNYF over the past 7 decades. You’ll see apparatus, firehouses and FDNY members in action, feel the sorrow of line-of-duty deaths and even witness the lighter side of the Department and WNYF in the form of the firehouse dog, the Dalmatian—a longstanding symbol of the fire service. Featuring artwork inspired by the bravery and sacrifice of members of the Department is a longstanding tradition of WNYF dating back to the 1940s. In fact, the 1st/1943 issue of WNYF was the first to prominently feature fine artwork on its cover.

80 page softcover book is perfectly bound and includes the following sections:

– Columns by Fire Commissioner and Chief of Department
– Brief History
– Featured Artwork
– Index of Published Art