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The FDNY Foundation is now the proud publisher of books that allow the FDNY to share its vast knowledge and history with those people and Departments who want information and analysis of fire operations, rescue, pre-hospital care, training, public safety and other related topics. Books allow the FDNY to delve deeply into important moments in the Department’s history and offer readers a first-hand, in depth look at news-making events from points of view of subject matter experts.

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Building Construction:
The Firefighter's Battlespace

Chief Vincent Dunn, the most prolific author in the fire service, has returned to the FDNY. In his latest book, Chief Dunn declares firefighting is a war and buildings the Firefighter’s battlespace. Chief Dunn says a battlespace is the total fire environment, the inside and outside of a burning building. A battlespace is not just the room and fire, it includes much more. Chief Dunn also tells us about firefighting “game changers” in this book. A “game changer” is notification of an event, construction feature or fire growth that changes an incident commander’s thinking or strategy.


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Films Volume 1 BLU-RAY / DVD

From looking back on important historical events to looking forward to the future of the Department, FDNYPRO Films offer viewers the opportunity to look at a wide range of events through the eyes of the FDNY and its members. Volume I Blu-Ray and DVD includes two discs with these four films: My Father’s House, Encore, Legacy of Bravery and Elite Company.