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FIRE: THE BATTLESPACE ENEMY is available now. Chief Dunn declares everything you know about fire is outdated and has changed. New scientific research and Firefighter fatality investigations give us a new understanding of fire. NIST, UL, NIOSH and NFPA have exploded the definition of combustion and revealed new insight and clarity about the “red devil”—the Firefighter’s enemy. There are no chemistry of fire definitions in this book. Chief Dunn delivers cutting-edge fire research and the real-world lowdown on flame, smoke, heat and toxic gases, along with some hard-learned fire experience. As a Firefighter once said, “You cannot know enough about something that kills you.” Fire kills. This book identifies the dangers and teaches you how to survive.

338 page hardcover book is perfectly bound and includes the following sections:


1. Fire—The Real Enemy
2. Fire—Four Deadly Horsemen
3. Fire—Finding It and Losing It
4. Fire Disruptors
5. Fire—Flashover
6. Fire—Rollover
7. Flameover—Rapid Surface Flame Spread
8. Skyscraper Fire
9. Fire and Explosion
10. Wildfire
11. Fire Venting
12. Smoldering Fire
13. Fire—Where and How It Spreads
14. Fire in Stairs and Hallways
15. Fire—Caught and Trapped
16. Fire Danger Time
17. Fire—Extinguishing It
18. Fire—A Suppression System
19. Fires—Who Has Them and Why
20. Fire, Construction-Fueled
21. Fire—Hiding Places
22. Fire: After-Action Overhaul
23. Fire Rekindle
24. Fire Killers