#WednesdayWisdom from…FDNY Pro Firefighter Felix Manjarrez

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February 9, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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#WednesdayWisdom from…FDNY Pro Firefighter Felix Manjarrez

The ultimate goal is to use tactical breath to reset oneself in any stressful environment.

Mind-set, posture and breathing exercises aid in the advancement of tactical breathing. These three elements require practice and consistency. Once you are thrust into a stressful environment, you can take that second to pause, take a “tactical breath” to re-center and reset yourself and then you will be able to react responsibly to any situation.

Elite-level military personnel and top-level athletes in any sport will tell you that a clear, confident mind-set is an important key to their success. Legendary boxing trainer Ray Arcel, who trained 20 World Champions from 1920 to 1980, constantly reminded his fighters that they were the soul-keepers of their destiny; they were the boss. “It’s all in your mind,” he would tell them.

In order to be successful at any task, whether big or small, you must refine your outlook so that you may tether your thoughts to a more positive ethos. Questions that you must ask yourself: What are my motives? What is my purpose? Whatever your answers are to these questions, your actions and thoughts become interlocked components that lead you to success.

To learn more read Firefighter Felix Manjarrez’s article “Important Breathing Techniques for First Responders” in the 2017 edition of Pro Fit.