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Path to the DC Orio Palmer Memorial Fitness Award
By Multiple Contributors

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Group Dynamics and the Evolution of Fitness Training
By Lieutenant Thomas S. Tanzosh and Firefighter James Carino

Important Breathing Techniques for First Responders
By Firefighter Felix Manjarrez


The issue of FDNY Pro Fit was published by the FDNY Foundation with support from:

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Safety First: Making a Healthy Lifestyle a Priority
By Assistant Chief Paul Cresci, Chief of Safety

Heart of the Matter: Recognizing Heart Attacks
By Doctor Dianne Acuna

Combating Stress: Utilizing Post-Incident Briefings
By Deputy Chief Michael McLaughlin and Division Chief Christine Mazzola

Injury Avoidance: Performing Stretching Exercises
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad and Firefighter Nathan Kellner

Nutrition Matters: Fueling First Responders
By Chief Medical Officer Kerry J. Kelly and Firefighter Joseph March


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DC Orio Palmer Memorial Fitness Award Winners
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