Buffalo Armory


William Portnoy
Vice President

1050 Military Road
Buffalo State NY Zip 14217
P: 716-422-7667
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Company Description

Buffalo Armory produces body armor and vehicle armor products that address the needs of Federal agents and Municipal first responders (Police, Fire, Security, and EMS) in everyday and active shooter situations. Our armor affords a minimum in the field lifespan of up to one hundred percent in almost all comparisons over its soft and ceramic body armor competitors.

  • Buffalo Armory sources 100% Domestic U.S. raw materials and employs 100% Domestic U.S. manufacturing to produce our body armor plates in Buffalo NY.
  • Buffalo Armory’s armor plates are NIJ Level 3 certified.
  • Buffalo Armory is a U.S. Department of Defense certified Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) bulk metal supplier.
  • Buffalo Armory offers a 10 year replacement warranty period which protects against manufacturing or material defects.

Product Highlight

BA STAR 555 Line Card

Learn more: BA STAR 555 Line Card (PDF)

BA Star 647 Line Card

Learn more: BA Star 647 Line Card (PDF)