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Navigating Leadership Challenges at Fires and Emergencies During Civil Unrest
By Battalion Chief John Gormley and Lieutenant Jason Brezler

Managing Fires with Multiple 10-45s
By Battalion Chief Timothy W. McNamara

Harlem Rope Rescue from the 17th-Floor Window
By Lieutenant Matthew Quinn

Propane Truck Fire on the Long Island Expressway
By Deputy Chief Robert McBride and Battalion Chief Tim Keenan

Fires in Automated Car Wash and Quick Lube Oil Facilities
By Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb and Deputy Chief Joseph A. Harris

Operational Case Study: Brooklyn Second Alarm in a Marijuana Grow House
By Battalion Chief Jason Cascone and Battalion Chief Devon Maguire

Tower Crane Accident on West 57th Street
By Deputy Assistant Chief Fred Schaaf

Inside the Bureau of Fire Operations
By Chief of Department Thomas Richardson

A Firefighter Wake-Up Call: The Importance of Sleep
By Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb

Senior Profile: Captain Joe Principio and Lieutenant Mike Scotto
By Patti Murphy


Safety First
FDNY Bunker Gear (Part 2): Accessories
By Deputy Assistant Chief Michael V. Meyers and Battalion Chief Christopher G. Eysser

Mental Performance Notebook
The FDNY’s Mental Performance Initiative: A Senior Firefighter’s Perspective
By Firefighter Jim McNamara

Back to Basics
Exterior Water Application
By Assistant Chief Brendan McSweeney

Fire Prevention Matters
The Propane Problem: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Demand for Propane
By Kelly Carr, Chief Inspector Andrew Dushynskiy and Chief Inspector Jesus Martinez

Learn From History
The Father’s Day Fire
By Deputy Chief John A. “Jay” Jonas

CTDP Briefing
A Year of COVID-19
By Battalion Chief Sean Newman

Listen Up
Trapped Victims Rescued from the
Floor Above
By Battalion Chief Brian Mulry

Last Word
Novel and Unprecedented
By Battalion Chief Jason Cascone


The Bent-Tip Nozzle: What’s Old Is
New Again
By Battalion Chief Anthony J. Pascocello, Jr.

Telescoping Ladders
By Lieutenant Rob Dereskewicz

Forklift Accident Requires Challenging Disentanglement
By Lieutenant Phil Miller and Firefighter Christopher Brennan

Using Mechanical Advantage in Unconscious Firefighter Removal
By Captain Andrew Serra and Lieutenant Charles Johnson

The FDNY Learning Management System
By Firefighter Josh Raeben


Photo Reporter
All Hands
Taking Up
Blast from the Past
Throwback FDNY
Publisher’s Note
Back Step
In Memoriam