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FDNY’s Drone Provides Critical Information at Bronx Fourth Alarm
By Deputy Assistant Chief Daniel Donoghue and Deputy Chief James J. Donlevy, Division 6 Commander

10-86 at a Bulk Fuel Yard
By Deputy Chief Fred Schaaf

The 1977 Blackout, NYC’s Darkest Night, Part II
By Assistant Chief Howard J. Hill (retired)


Universal Gold Foam Concentrate 1%/3% AR-AFFF (Red Band Container)
By Battalion Chief Steven San Filippo, Foam Manager

Roll Call: The Firefighters’ Competitive Advantage
By Battalion Chief Frank Leeb

Operating Attack Hand-Lines from the Satellite Manifold
By Lieutenant Sean C. Schneider

The Post-Incident Review
By Battalion Chief Robert Ginley (retired)

The Counseling Service Unit (CSU)
By Lieutenant Andrew Kane


Safety First: If You Ain’t Winning, You Are Losing
By Assistant Chief Paul Cresci, Chief of Safety

Fire Prevention Matters: Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems
By Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora

Learn From History: The New York Telephone Company Fire, Part II
By Deputy Chief John A. “Jay” Jonas and Firefighter Daniel Noonan (retired)


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Publisher’s Note
Taking Up
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