2019 Medical Special Operations Conference

7th Annual FDNY Medical Special Operations Conference

May 16 - 19, 2019

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The FDNY, in partnership with the FDNY Foundation, is proud to invite all first responders to the 7th annual Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC). For the past seven years, MSOC continues to be the conference that military, federal, state and local medical responders attend to share their experiences, best practices, and ideas. Each year MSOC continues to evolve to include current hot topics, latest medical technological updates, and recent case studies from around the world. Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available to paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and physicians.

MSOC takes place over four days and consists of workshops, lectures, panel discussions, hands-on skills scenarios, and a vendor showcase with the latest equipment and products. The optional pre-conference workshops have several options and includes light fare and drinks at the NYC Fire Museum.

2018 EMS Competition Award Video

2019 FDNY MSOC EMS Competition

Registration Open! Space is limited!
Competition: May 15th & 16th | Check-in: May 14th | Award: May 17th

The FDNY and FDNY Foundation are proud to present the annual Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC) EMS Competition! This year’s high intensity, adrenaline rushing competition consists of multiple scenarios over two days with prizes awarded to the top three teams. The Competition will be located at the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall’s Island with an award ceremony at the NYC Fire Museum.

- New Scenario Format
- Great Prizes
- 15 Teams
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Full Competition Description

The FDNY and FDNY Foundation are proud to present the annual Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC) EMS Competition! This year’s high intensity, adrenaline rushing competition consists of multiple scenarios over two days with prizes awarded to the top three teams. The Competition will be located at the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall’s Island with an award ceremony at the NYC Fire Museum.

Participants will be challenged to compete in various scenarios against teams from all over the world. These scenarios will test a team’s ability to operate as a unit in order to manage multiple patients with differing injuries and illnesses in an authentic simulated environment. Scenarios will challenge teams in their abilities for scene search and assessment, teamwork, scene management, difficult patient access and much more.

Scenarios will be live streamed across the world with last year’s Competition drawing over one million views! The Competition is a fun, challenging and educational experience for all emergency medical personnel.

As a special bonus, all participants in the Competition are eligible to attend the Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC) (May 18 – 19) with a complimentary ticket. Space is limited so register your team ASAP!

Competition Format: Multiple scenarios over two days of competitions with prizes awarded to the top three teams!

Dates: The Competition takes place from May 15 – 16 with team registration and check-in on May 14. The award ceremony will take place on the evening of May 17 at the NYC Fire Museum.

Teams: Each team are comprised of a minimum of three emergency medical personnel, with at least one provider be credentialed at the EMT-P level or above. An alternate member may be registered, but is not required. FDNY employees are NOT permitted to compete.

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For general information, please call 718-999-2507
or email [email protected]

Want to exhibit at MSOC? Please call (718) 999-0779

MSOC Schedule (click tabs to view)

Pre-conference Programs

Advanced K-9 Veterinary Care Course: Animal Medical Center
Two days - May 16 - May 17

Learn to provide medical care for our four-legged Task Force members! The course includes both basic and advanced assessment, management and procedures. Features live tissue and simulated hands on experience.

NAEMT TECC: Hands-On Active Threat Scenario FDNY Fire Academy
Two days - May 16 - May 17

NAEMT’s Certification course on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care taught by FDNY and NYPD. Best practice treatment guidelines for trauma care in the high-threat prehospital environment.

MSOC Wilderness Medicine Course
Two days - May 16 - May 17

Learn how to treat common injuries and illnesses encountered in austere environments where access to medical care is delayed or communication is unreliable through a combination of lectures, practical skills training and scenarios.

Field Limb Amputation: Northwell Health Bioskills Education Center
One day - May 17

Learn the critical decision process and hands-on skills for performing field limb amputations in addition to other procedures in a state of the art bioskills facility.

Point of Care Ultrasound in Medical Special Operations
One day - May 17

Using the latest portable devices, learn the fundamentals of point of care ultrasound and its application in the austere environment. The development and implementation of an out-of-hospital ultrasound program will be discussed.

Night Activities

May 17

NYC Fire Museum


State of US&R: US&R 3.0
- US&R situational update on a local and global level
- Detailing past, present and future developments

Keynote: Thai Cave Rescue
- Case review of the highly publicized cave rescue of a junior soccer team and their assistant coach in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Medical Specialist: Time to Push the Scope of Practice?
- Discussion and debate on the role of Medical Specialists operating with remote oversight and if there is a need to expand the scope of practice for these medical operators

Freeze-Dried Plasma for the Civilian World: The Military Experience
- Review of the recent literature and emerging use of freeze-dried plasma in the military and how this will be translated for civilian use

TARMAC: Targeted Automobile Ramming Mass Casualty
- Discussion of recent world events in the use of vehicles as weapons causing mass casualty disasters
- Details on how to plan, mitigate and organize a medical response

Shots Fired: Swat Medic Response Update
- An update and overview of recent tactical medicine activities, policies an guidelines from the past year

Saturday Afternoon

Troubled Waters: Marine Ops in NYC
- Discussion on the extensive scope of the FDNY Marine Unit and their operations in one of the busiest waterways and ports in the world
- Case Review of tactics used and lessons learned

Hands-on Scenarios
- High fidelity and realistic hands-on simulated incidents with instructor lead training


Will it Float: MRP and Other Modular Deployments
- Discussion of the recent trend for US&R modular deployments.
- How this affects the medical cache set up and other responsibilities of the medical team

Poughkeepsie Building Collapse
- Case review of operations during a building collapse incident and extrication of a patient in Poughkeepsie, NY

Tunnel Response
- Discussion on critical issues facing a US&R Team when responding to tunnel and cave incidents

Things that Bite
- Review and discussion to help recognize and treat common snake, spider and insect bites that medical team members may encounter during deployment

Emerging Technology in Disaster Response
- Review the use of the most recent technological advances and how they may be used in disaster responses

Mayday! Member Down
- Responding to life threatening team member emergencies during a disaster response

Wildfire Response
- Medical response during large wild fires
- Case studies based on the California wild fires

Sunday Afternoon

HazMat Topic: Rotting from Within, a Closer Look at Oxidizers Identification, Mitigation and Care
- Review of common oxidizing agents and how to properly identify and mitigate these dangerous chemicals and how to care for potential exposures

Hands-on Scenarios
- High fidelity and realistic hands-on simulated incidents with instructor lead training

MSOC Conference Information (click + to view)


Participants may register and reserve a seat for the various Pre-Conference and Conference activities by completing the registration form and pay by credit card or by registering by Purchase Order. If you need to register through a Purchase Order please email us at: [email protected]

Seats may only be reserved through completed registration. Seating is limited to the Pre-Conference Workshops and Courses. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We may not release the information on the number of seats available to these activities so please register early!!!

Pre-Conference Activities

Participants may only register and attend the Pre-Conference Workshops and Courses with registration for the Conference.

Participants will be required to sign in daily to the various Pre-Conference Workshops and Courses and will not be allowed admittance unless you have registered for these courses.

Participation in the Pre-Conference Workshops or Courses includes a reception at the NYC Fire Museum.


All registered attendees will be issued an attendee badge and badge holder at registration. Please wear your badge at all times when attending and participating in MSOC activities. Badges are a security measure to identify participants during the Conference. If you are not wearing your badge, you may be asked to show proof of your registration and a picture ID.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on each day of the Conference.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing and sent to [email protected] by April 16, 2019. Full refunds less a $100 processing fee will be issued for cancellations received by the above date. Cancellation requests received after this date will be reviewed.


Transportation will be provided to attendees to and from the Host Conference Hotel to the various Pre-Conference and Conference activities. If you wish to provide your own transportation, please note that parking will be limited at the various activity sites.

Hotel Cancellation Policy

Hotel cancellations will be subject to the Host Conference Hotel’s cancellation policy and should be contacted directly.

Arriving by Air

The closest airport to the Host Conference Hotel and Conference activities is LaGuardia Airport (LGA). Transportation from the airport will not be provided.

Participants who are leaving directly to the airport on the last day of the Conference are encouraged to arrange for their own transportation to the airport from Randall’s Island. We may be able to help arrange transportation from Randall’s Island on the last day of the Conference to the airport as needed. An announcement will be made at the Conference regarding transportation to the airport.

Transportation will be provided for those participants that are returning to the Host Conference Hotel at the end of the Conference.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits and Continuing Education Units (CEU)

CME and CEU credits will be available. Participants must sign in daily on the attendance forms in order to receive CME and CEU credit. Please make sure we have your correct contact information in order for you to receive your educational credit.

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