FDNY Editor

October 13, 2016

Blog: Wrong-way Driver Kills 5 Teens, Steals Police Cruiser

A 36-year-old man driving north in the southbound lanes of I-89 in Vermont on Saturday, October 8, 2016, slammed into a car with five 15- and 16-year-old students, killing them all. While the first-arriving police officer attempted to extinguish the burning vehicle and extricate victims, the […]
October 6, 2016

Blog: Firefighter Assaulted at Tulsa Fire Operation

A house fire became the scene of an assault this week, when a man used a flashlight to violently beat a Firefighter who prevented him from re-entering a burning building during a fire operation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fellow Firefighters subdued and restrained the assailant, who was […]
October 4, 2016

FDNY Pro EMS: Commissioner’s Brief for 3/2016

Recently, I was asked: “What is different about this 15th anniversary of 9/11? Has anything changed”? Personally, I feel the same about it as I did last year and the year before and the year before that. I have stated previously that my internal calendar activates […]
October 4, 2016

Recalling 9/11: “Plane into World Trade Center”

I was promoted to Captain for FDNY EMS in August 2001. I went through a training class and was assigned to EMS Operations. My first day working at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn was September 4, 2001. I was working directly for the Chief of EMS, learning […]
October 4, 2016

Recalling 9/11: “Send Me Every Available Ambulance You’ve Got!”

September 11, 2001, marks one of the darkest days in the history of both our nation and the FDNY. In addition to the 343 Department members who were killed on this day, this terror incident represents the largest attack ever made on the American homeland and […]
October 4, 2016

Out of the Ashes: Preparedness and Training Post-9/11

Fifteen years ago, the largest and most unexpected emergency response event in the modern history of New York City forever changed the world in which we live. After losing 343 members of the FDNY family on 9/11, the Department was forever changed, rebuilt out of the […]
October 4, 2016

Inside Look: The FDNY EMS Pipes and Drums–It’s a Story About Duty, Honor and Tradition

EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters are part of a service that is unlike any other. The successful outcome of a situation is not the result of an individual’s actions, but rather the actions and cooperation of a team.  Perhaps nowhere else outside of the military does this […]
October 4, 2016

One on One: Recalling 9/11 and the Importance of Capturing Firsthand Accounts

At the time, I thought I would remember every single thing about the response and recovery effort at the World Trade Center. But now, 15 years later, as I look back to that period for this issue of Pro EMS, I suddenly realized that I can’t […]
October 4, 2016

Special Apparatus: FDNY Gators

In 1999, as part of the preparation for the anticipated larger than usual Millennium New Year’s Eve gathering in Times Square and the possibility of City-wide Y2K computer and system failures, the City purchased several Gator carts from the John Deere Co. These six-wheel, diesel-powered, off-road […]
October 4, 2016

EMS Leader: Improving Individual Performance and Organizational Effectiveness Through Mental Preparedness

The FDNY is one of the nation’s premier emergency service agencies. The Department’s procedures and protocols influence practices throughout the country. Major emergencies in the City are observed and studied throughout the emergency management industry. However, the most critical factor in determining the success of a […]
September 30, 2010

Hybrid and CNG Bus VBIED: A Review of Alternate Power Bus Emergency Procedures, Fire Operations and Terrorism Awareness

In 2007, WNYF readers were introduced to the Clean Air Hybrid Bus used by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The technology, developed in other municipalities, was new to New York City. This hybrid drive system uses a combination diesel generator and electric traction motor. Basic fire […]
September 30, 2010

FDNY Foundation Dinner Raises $1.4 Million

Raising nearly $1.4 million to fund promotion of fire safety in New York City and the professional development, training and education of FDNY members, the FDNY Foundation’s premier fund-raising dinner–during which the Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Awards were presented–was a resounding success. In spite of the current […]
September 30, 2010

Identifying Duplex Apartments within Fireproof High-Rise Multiple Dwellings

High-rise multiple dwelling fires present a unique challenge to FDNY members. These fires can be difficult to fight and may require specialized equipment. Even more complicated are fires in a high-rise multiple dwelling that contains duplex or sandwich apartments. While found throughout New York City, these […]
September 30, 2010

Opening Tin-Covered Ceilings

When opening ceilings to check for extension of fire, creating access points for hand-line operations or during overhauling, Firefighters usually encounter sheetrock-type ceilings, which they can open up easily. In commercial and some residential occupancies, Firefighters may encounter the original ceiling covered with a tin ceiling. […]
September 30, 2010

33rd Street Fire and Collapse: Hidden Structural Defects Lead to Near-Disastrous Collapse of Second Floor

On a clear, early evening in February 2009, Manhattan units responded to a phone alarm for a fire in a laundromat. On arrival, units encountered a four-story, non-fireproof, 20- by 40-foot multiple dwelling with a 25-foot first-floor setback in the rear. The first floor contained a […]
September 30, 2010

Scooped-out Living Space: New Challenge for Operations

Anyone living or working in New York City in the past 10 years knows there has been a building boom not seen since World War II. Changes in building materials and practices, building codes and new living arrangements are evident everywhere. Some examples: factory conversions, penthouse […]
September 30, 2010

Firefighters Must Distinguish Between Rabies Fact and Fiction

Rabies is not something that Firefighters worry about when performing their jobs. There has not been a case of human rabies in New York City since 1953. In the six years preceding 2009, only one rabid animal was found in the City.  However, that record was […]
September 30, 2010

A Unique Roof — The Sawtooth Part I, Construction Features

In Part I of this article on sawtooth roofs, the reader will be introduced to their construction, components and characteristics. In Part II, which will appear in the 4th/2010 issue of WNYF, the focus will be on firefighting operations in structures that feature sawtooth roofs. Design […]