#WednesdayWisdom from…FDNY Pro Chief of EMS James P. Booth

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February 28, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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#WednesdayWisdom from…FDNY Pro Chief of EMS James P. Booth

You can always learn from the assignment. You can never stop learning.

In the latest Pro EMS, Chief Booth explains how FDNY successful completes its mission every New Year’s Eve, the busiest night of the year for the Department.

“When you become complacent and think you know everything there is to know because you’ve done New Year’s Eve 10, 15 or 20 times, there’s always a new nuance that you should pay attention to. There’s always something that changes. It could be the behavior of the crowd; the ability of social media to cause flash mobs. The change in the threat levels that we manage today were not concerns in the ’80s. We didn’t worry about chemical attacks, active shooters, bombings or those kinds of threats. Back then, the biggest problem in the ’80s when I was on the ambulance was all the drinking and disorderly conduct in Times Square. You had to wear a helmet to protect yourself from bottles being thrown,” remembered Chief Booth. “The success at the event is a product of the members who work there. The reason it goes so well, the reason it’s an organized approach to our mission, is because of the dedication, training and execution of the plan by all of us.”

To learn more read “Countdown to FDNY’s Busiest Night” in the 1st/2017 edition of Pro EMS.