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Countdown to FDNY’s Busiest
By Multiple Contributors

EMS Behind Bars: The Joint FDNY/DOC Rikers Island Initiative
By Captain David Burke

Q&A on Advancements in Patient Simulation Training
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad


Safety First: Protecting Those Who Serve, Part 1
By Lieutenant Brendan Dean and Lieutenant Yonatan Klein

Call Review: Another Opiate Over
By Doctor Glenn H. Asaeda

Step by Step: Proper Use of Chin Straps
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad

EMS Leader: Oh, You’re an Instructor? That’s Cool.
By Paramedic Joseph D’Agosto

Special Apparatus: The Mobile Respiratory Treatment Unit
By EMT P.J. De Rosa

Ride Along: Stations 7 and 8 in Manhattan
By EMT Billy Chen

One on One: EMS Officer, Rapper, You Tube Star
By Captain Elizabeth Cascio


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