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Lori Hansen
Director of EMS/Government Accounts

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Aliso Viejo, California 92656
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Company Description

Eitan Medical is reimagining drug delivery, with reliable innovations that put patients at the center of care, making drug delivery easier and safer than ever before. Patient safety and care are only the starting point, as Eitan Medical goes beyond- delivering connected, intuitive drug delivery and infusion solutions that are designed to improve patient and clinician quality of life across the continuum of care, including hospital, ambulatory, and home care environments.

Product Description

Sapphire Infusion Pump

The Sapphire family of infusion pumps is the solution of choice for infusion therapy devices across the continuum of care, from pre-acute, to hospital and to home. Designed with patient safety in mind from the beginning, and from here, we go above and beyond, designing devices aiming to improve the daily lives of patients

The Sapphire Multi-Therapy infusion system is a complete solution for varied clinical uses in hospital, ambulatory and EMS settings. Offering ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.

Sapphire is based on a unique combination of patented Flow Control Technology, innovative hardware design, intuitive touch-screen and software control, and low total cost of ownership.

With its robust design, easy maintenance, and built-in adaptability to evolving requirements, Sapphire delivers medication infusion confidence now, and far into the future. This same technology powers a wide range of dedicated infusion pumps, creating a single-platform that answers all medical infusion needs.

The Sapphire™ advanced multi-therapy infusion pump is designed for PCA, TPN, Continuous, Piggyback, Intermittent and Epidural treatments