From the Editor’s Desk, 1st/2017 WNYF

Intentional Fire Caused Georgia Interstate Collapse
April 6, 2017
Teacher and Student Killed in San Bernardino School Shooting
April 13, 2017

I am on my 20th year of editing WNYF. Where did the time go? I am fortunate to have authors who write on a regular basis; FDNY members such as Assistant Chiefs Joseph W. Pfeifer and Ronald R. Spadafora, Deputy Chief John “Jay” Jonas and Firefighter William Staudt. Additionally, since becoming Editor of WNYF, I am extremely proud that each issue features an author who never before has written for the magazine.

Check out the 1st/2017 issue of WNYF. There are five brand-new writers—Deputy Chiefs David Maj and Frederick J. Mallett and Lieutenants John Amsterdam, Salvatore Belmonte and James Gerber. The subject matter covered by them is as diverse as can be—a labor-intensive operation at a Staten Island six-alarm fire; a Brooklyn row frame fire; an update on WTC construction; size-up, whether first- or second-due; and Tesla vehicle safety.

Hopefully, all of these members will be bitten by the writing bug and continue to author articles for WNYF readers.

Additionally, other articles/columns of interest in this issue include Fire/EMS interoperability, the Wooster Street, Manhattan, fire/collapse of 1958, FAST unit operations and safety tips at manhole fires, just to name a few.

The goal of these authors is to share knowledge gained throughout their careers and, through lessons learned/reinforced, ensure that all members return to their families safely.

Over the years, Chiefs are WNYF’s most frequent writers because they have the experience, time on the job and encountered more and varied situations. However, you could have just one day on the job and confront something not experienced before. Even side jobs—such as forcing a door or window—may be of interest because there may be something new to be learned; new building material or a new tool.

Enjoy the issue and, most importantly, learn from the information provided.

About the Author

Janet Kimmerly is the Editor for numerous FDNY publications, including WNYF and Pro EMS magazines. She has served the Department since 1997. She holds an AA in Liberal Arts from Nassau Community College, a BBA in Business Journalism and has has done extensive graduate work in Marketing, both at Hofstra University.