Blog: #WednesdayWisdom from FDNY Pro Dr. Bradley Kaufman

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October 24, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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Blog: #WednesdayWisdom from FDNY Pro Dr. Bradley Kaufman

The single most effective method of reducing disease transmission is frequent, adequate handwashing.

Welcome to the inaugural #WednesdayWisdom post for 10/26/16! In this new weekly blog feature, FDNY members share information for first responders to get all of us thinking (and talking) about health and safety.

Infection control procedures should always be undertaken by first responders, including aggressive handwashing with soap and water. Handwashing is essential in limiting disease transmission.

In addition, remember these common sense steps to protect yourself from contamination:

  • Keep hands away from face.
  • Limit surfaces touched (similar to crime scene operations).
  • Change gloves when torn or heavily contaminated.

To get even more insight on avoiding the spread of communicable diseases, read the Safety First column by FDNY Dr. Bradley Kaufman in the 1st/2016 issue of Pro EMS.