WNYF 3rd/2017

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The Chelsea Bombing—A Lesson in Command and Control
By Deputy Chief Michael McPartland and Battalion Chief Joseph D. Liselli

Noncombustible Roof Systems: Identification and Operations
By Deputy Chief Bradley Walls

NY-TF1 Deployment Following Hurricane Matthew
By Battalion Chief Joseph R. Downey

Blue Roofs: Features and Collapse Risk at Fire Operations
By Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora, Chief of Fire Prevention

FDNY Members Overcome Backdraft During Queens Five-Alarm Taxpayer Fire
By Deputy Chief George K. Healy and Battalion Chief James Connelly


Safety First: How the Safety Command Conducts Investigations, Part II—Apparatus Accident Investigation
By Battalion Chief Joseph McHugh

Back to Basics: Firefighting Operations at Self-Storage Facilities
By Firefighter Anthony Caterino

Spotlight: Water Loss at Standpipe Operations
By Lieutenant Jason A. Wendell

Tricks of the Trade: The Wedge
By Captain Michael Doda

Public Outreach: Fire Safety Education
By Lieutenant Stephen Rhine

Learn from History: The New York Telephone Company Fire
By Deputy Chief John A. “Jay” Jonas and Firefighter Daniel Noonan (retired)

Spotlight: A Deadly Duo: Hydrogen Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide
By Firefighter William A. Staudt


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