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The Value of “Plan B” at the Nomad Six-Alarm Fire
By Assistant Chief Joseph W. Pfeifer and Deputy Chief Thomas Currao

The 1977 Blackout, NYC’s Darkest Night, Part I
By Assistant Chief Howard J. Hill (retired)

Air-Supported Structures
By Lieutenant Stephen Rhine

Double Jeopardy at Bronx Box 22-2759, 1442 University Avenue
By Lieutenant Michael Ciampo

Machine Room-less Elevators (MRLs)
By Battalion Chief Thomas Lapolla and Lieutenant John V. Kazan

Air-Pressurized Standpipes and Alternate Tactics
By Deputy Chief Fred Schaaf

A Famous Buff—Now Staff Chief—Rides Along During the Blackout of 1977 (sidebar)
By Deputy Assistant Chief Michael F. Gala, Jr.,
Deputy Manhattan Borough Commander


Safety First: How the Safety Command Conducts Investigations, Part I
By Battalion Chief Joseph McHugh

Fire Prevention Matters: Fuel Cell Technology for Stationary Power Generation
By Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora,
Chief of Fire Prevention

Learn from History: 2086 Valentine Avenue, Bronx
By Deputy Chief John A. “Jay” Jonas

Mega-High-Rise Buildings in Manhattan: One Bryant Park
By Deputy Chief Nicholas Corrado

Stats: 2016 FDNY Division Statistics
Compiled by Captain Andrew Palmer


Photo Reporter
All Hands/Taking Up
Publisher’s Note