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Boosting Fitness and Variety for a First Responder’s Workout
By Captain Thomas S. Tanzosh

Creating a Comprehensive Wellness Program
By EMT Camilo Hernandez

Path to the Deputy Chief Orio Palmer Memorial Fitness Award
By FDNY Fitness Unit Staff


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Safety First: Reducing Cancer Risks
By Battalion Chief Edward Walsh

Heart of the Matter: Risk Factors and Testing
By Dr. Dianne Acuna, Medical Officer, BHS

Injury Avoidance: Protecting Shoulders and Necks
By Firefighter Adrian Caban

Nutrition Matters: Nutritional Basics for the Tactical Athlete
By Firefighter James Carino

Reducing Stress: Raise Your Awareness and Manage Signs and Symptoms of Stress
By Counselor Jessica Metz


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DC Orio Palmer Memorial Fitness Award Winners