Joe Charron
Director of Business Development

2677 Prosperity Ave, Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 27587
P: 800-200-7465
E: [email protected]


Company Description

Kforce Government Solutions (KGS) is dedicated to developing innovative medical simulation and training technologies that improve survivability of traumatic injuries and support the Continuum of Care – from point of injury (POI) to prolonged field care. Our TraumaFX line of high-fidelity, ruggedized patient simulators deliver a powerful, lifelike experience for trainees while enabling field exercises to be held in any environment or weather condition. Full motion leg movement, anatomical fidelity, and autonomous response to treatment are just a few advantages TraumaFX delivers. Advanced sensor technology monitors critical treatment procedures and immediately transmits data to trainers wirelessly to optimize instruction in real-time. We offer a broad portfolio of simulators that allow emergency medical professionals to experience the complexities of treating severe injuries, properly and effectively, in real world situations.

Product Highlight

High-fidelity, Ruggedized Patient Simulators