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Bound Tree Medical


Harry Larson
General Manager

5000 Tuttle Crossing Boulevard
Dublin, OH 43016
P: 800-533-0523
E: [email protected]


Company Description

Bound Tree Medical, part of the Sarnova family of companies, is a specialty distributor of emergency medical equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals and product expertise for emergency medical services (EMS) professionals who provide pre-hospital, emergency care, including first responders, EMTs and paramedics. Bound Tree supports the public safety community with a team of EMS-experienced sales and support representatives, backed by strong vendors and a national distribution network. From everyday disposable items to extensive capital equipment, Bound Tree offers thousands of quality products from leading manufacturers to help our customers save lives. For more information and to see how Bound Tree is your partner in EMS, visit


Product Hightlight

Need Free Online CEUs?

Bound Tree University is dedicated to the continuing education of EMTs and Paramedics. The below courses are FREE and have been accredited by EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE accredited organization. All courses are approved for Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) providers. Click here to learn more.

Responders at Risk

The opioid crisis has been declared a public health emergency and is referred to as the worst drug crisis in American history. It is putting first responders at risk of accidental exposure to fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances every day. Even exposure to the smallest quantities can cause serious negative health effects, respiratory depression and even death. It is critical for first responders to be prepared to respond to this epidemic. Click here to learn more.

What’s your CAPNO IQ?

Capnography waveforms provide important information about ventilation status alerting clinicians to potential problems in their patients. A key to obtaining an accurate etCO2 measurement and quality waveforms with any capnograph is the sampling line. Measurement technology can only report what is being delivered, so if the sampling line is not providing a representative CO2 sample, the accuracy of the measurement is impacted. Click here to learn more.