S5, E50 50th Episode

Forest Fire Leads to Destruction of 200 Homes in Chilean City
January 2, 2020
S5, E51 A Marathon Celebration with Captain Denis Sweeney and Firefighter Tim Clarke
February 28, 2020

This episode marks a milestone for the FDNY Pro Podcast. In this 50th episode we revisit highlights from each of our previous four seasons. From our very first guest from the FDNY Office of Medical Affairs, Dr. Dario Gonzalez, recounting his trip to Liberia where he provided care to Ebola patients, to seasoned fire officers like Lt. Mike Ciampo and Capt. John Ceriello who detail their experiences at challenging operations, to testimonials remembering 9/11, the show covers the gamut. This podcast strives to celebrate first responders and offer resources to peers in the public safety community. Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio hosted the very first episode of this podcast and, fittingly, hosts the 50th.