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The Benefits of Teaming Up
By Firefighters David Guilford and Michael Reno

Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Prepared
By EMT Camilo Hernandez

Consider Hydration and Ditching Sugary Drinks While On Duty
By Captain Thomas S. Tanzosh


This issue of FDNY Pro Fit was published by the FDNY Foundation with support from:

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SAFETY FIRST: Health Threats from Fireground Contaminants
By Deputy Chief Frank Leeb and Captain John Haseney

HEART OF THE MATTER: Small Changes Can Add Up
By Dr. David Prezant, Chief Medical Officer, Special Advisor to the Fire Commissioner for Health Policy

INJURY AVOIDANCE: Hearing Loss Among First Responders
By Lieutenant Thomas Corrar

REDUCING STRESS: Combating Stress Using Meditation
By Captain Michael J. Lyons

NUTRITION MATTERS: The Dangers of Eating Late at Night—An Overview
By Captain Christopher Tighe


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DC Orio Palmer Memorial Fitness Award Winners