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A New Paradigm: Conducting Patient Care Under Force Protection
By Multiple Contributors

Your Patient May Utilize a Diabetic Application
By Captain David Burke

New Station 50 and FDNY’s EMS Building Boom Post-Merger
By Deputy Chief Martin J. Braun 


Safety First: EMS Street Smarts—Use Your Brain
By Deputy Chief Cesar A. Escobar

Call Review: Getting to Know the Widowmaker
By Paramedic Ludmila Muller

Preparing for Success: Planning for Active Shooter (AS)  Events
By Lieutenant Timothy Carroll

Step by Step: Proper Use and Application of the Sof Tactical Tourniquet
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad

EMS Leader: The “Miracle on the Hudson” Had Help
By Division Chief Steven J. Morelli

Following the Money: The Impact of Grant Funding on EMS Training
By EMT P.J. De Rosa

Special Apparatus: FDNY Marine Ambulances
By Deputy Chief Ian Swords

One on One: When a Lifesaver Needs His Life Saved
By Captain Elizabeth Cascio


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