Pro EMS 4th/2017

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FDNY’s Computerized Triage Software
By Multiple Contributors

Active Shooter–What It Means to Be Ready
By Division Chief Christine Mazzola and Lieutenant Jordan Lucks

Q&A with Deputy Assistant Chief Janice Olszewski (retired)
By Lieutenant Juliette Arroyo


Safety First: Protecting Those Who Serve, Part 3
By Lieutenant Brendan Dean and Lieutenant Yonatan Klein

Call Review: Medical Alert Lockboxes and What We Need to Know
By Captain Thomas Schulz

Academy Notebook: Needlesticks and More
By Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore and Dr. Benjamin Zabar

Step by Step: Using the Stryker-Pro Track Stair Chair
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad

From The Officer’s Corner: Spring Cleaning to Hazardous Materials Emergency in Two Minutes or Less
By Lieutenant Tracey Mulqueen

Following the Money: The Role of the Medical Unit Leader for the FDNY Incident Management Team (IMT)
By Deputy Chief Stephen Russo and Grant Administrator Catherine McGuire

One on One: Bystander CPR–A Critical Link in the Chain of Survival
By Captain Elizabeth Cascio


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