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Urgent Hospital Evacuations During Superstorm Sandy
By Multiple Contributors

Q&A on the Important Responsibilities of the Family Assistance Unit
By Lieutenant Juliette Arroyo

EMT Ryan J. Gref An Everyday Hero
By Captain Evan Suchecki


Safety First: Dangers of Distracted Emergency Services Driving
By EMT Erin Beitel

Call Review: Teen in Cardiac Arrest Saved by
Bystander CPR, then EMS
By Lieutenant Brendan Ryan

Step by Step: Self-Application of the Tourniquet
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad

From The Officer’s Corner: The Approach to the Emotionally
Disturbed Patient
By Chief Christine Mazzola

Special Apparatus: Improvements in Bariatric Transport
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad

Inside Look: Shake It Off…Suck It Up…Get a Grip
By Captain Kevin Ramdayal

One on One: Are You a Boss or a Leader?
By Captain Elizabeth Cascio


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