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MSOC Milestones, Achievements and its Future
By Multiple Contributors

Q&A on FDNY’s Inagural MSOC EMS Competition
By Captain Kevin Ramdayal

EMS Behind Bars: Safety and Response Guidelines for the EMS Provider in the Correctional Setting
By Captain David Burke


Safety First: Protecting Those Who Serve, Part 2
By Lieutenant Brendan Dean and Lieutenant Yonatan Klein

Call Review: Crush Syndrome and Confined Spaces
By Lieutenant Jordan Lucks and Rescue Paramedics Jose Benitez and Ari Nathanson

Step by Step: QuikClot Combat Gauze and OLAES Bandage
By Lieutenant Farooq H. Muhammad and EMT Amanda Czaza

EMS Leader: Leading the Invisible
By Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore, Chief of EMS Training

Special Apparatus: Logistical Support Unit (LSU)
By EMT William J. Warr

One on One: Shake It Off…Suck It Up…Get a Grip
By Captain Elizabeth Cascio

Public Matters: Finding New Ways to Work with the Community to Promote Bystander CPR
By Fabricio Caro, Director of Community Affairs

Stats: 2016 FDNY EMS Statistics
Compiled by Harold J. Wagner, Director of 911 Participating Hospitals & EMS Performance Improvement


Photo Reporter
The 10-12
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Special Section

Second Chances
By Frank Dwyer, Press Secretary
Presented by the Pintchik Family