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Company Description

Since 2007, Rescue Essentials has remained focused on its original goal: To offer top quality tactical, combat, and wilderness medical products at extremely affordable prices, delivered in a timely manner with flat rate $4.99 shipping within the Lower 48.

Product Highlights


Emergency litters are a critical tool in active shooter and TEMS response. The Rescue Essentials QuikLitter™ is the lowest-cost disposable emergency litter available. It features ten large hand-holds, four on each side and one each at the head and foot, allowing for easy patient handling. With a load capacity tested to 500 lbs, it can be employed for everyday use as a soft stretcher as well as MCI emergency patient transport.

The QuikLitter™ is constructed of heavy duty polypropylene webbing, and backed with a lightweight water-resistant non-woven material. The QuikLitter™ is latex-free, and is rated to 500 lbs. This is the ideal RESCUE TASK FORCE Casualty Collection Device and at only $16.49 it can be affordably stocked in every Bleeding Control Kit as well as added to every emergency vehicle including law enforcement fleets.

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Casualty Evacuation Set

Be prepared and equipped to move casualties quickly to EMS staging in a mass casualty or active shooter event. The compact Casualty Evacuation Set consists of the Rescue Essentials multi-use, disposable Quiklitter and a 22.5 foot section of UIAA red webbing conveniently packed into a black, molle compatible carry case with shoulder strap. The webbing can quickly be tied into a drag sling with a waterknot allowing you to move casualties to safe zones. The kit is labeled "Evacuation" for easy identification during incident response.

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Team Wendy SAR Tactical Helmet

The EXFIL® SAR is the first purpose built Search and Rescue helmet to provide tactical accessory mounting capabilities, including a standard NVG shroud, while meeting key industrial and mountaineering performance standards. The EXFIL® SAR Tactical is optimized for use with night vision devices, it features a machined aluminum Wilcox® NVG shroud. The helmet also includes a 4-point CAM FIT™ retention system with chin cup for optimal stability and a Boa® Closure System to dial in precise fit adjustment while providing single-handed quick release. Another feature included is the SAR Accessory 2.0 Rail system that allows for custom mounting.

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First Responder Vehicle Kit

This kit was originally developed in cooperation with the Denver International Airport for use in their airport vehicles. The First Responder Vehicle Kit is a great medical resource for providing immediate care at the scene while waiting for EMS to arrive. Severe Bleeding, Splinting & Immobilization, Minor Wounds, Burns, Medications & Topicals. All organized for easy identification and access. A great basic life support kit to have in your vehicle, office or home.

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Compact First Responder (CFR) Kit

Access to tactical medical supplies for major bleeding control is essential for LEO's and First Responders. Just as important for many responders is the addition of basic first aid supplies to provide medical support until EMS arrives on scene. The Compact First Responder Kit (CFR) was designed to support the needs for both critical bleeding control AND basic first aid medical response. The CFR is a scaled down version of our popular First Responder Vehicle Kit. The CFR Kit is built on the Rip Away EMT pouch allowing quick access to medical components. Components are organized with tactical medical supplies in the upper section, basic wound management and splinting in the middle, meds and topicals in the bottom.

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