Alan Sammis
Director Of Business Development

1300 E Wakeham
Santa Ana, CA 92705
P: (949) 991-3825
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Company Description

MERET® is BUILT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL, professionals that depend on rapidly and proficiently deploying medical care during critical moments. MERET® is built to help you do your job and save lives. The strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, we listen to your challenges and build MERET® with intense attention to detail to deliver the quality, reliability, and functionality you expect when you’re called into action. MERET® is built for you, by you. MERET® is different. We design all of our bags with extreme attention to detail, quality, and function. Every feature has purpose. Every material, and every piece of hardware is the highest quality. And every bag design has a unique function to organize and rapidly access medical supplies. We have a great team that works with first responders to listen and understand their challenges, and then we offer innovative solutions that will help them do their jobs. We then work with elite emergency competition teams to test our bags in real world scenarios and validate our design concepts. We want every professional that uses a MERET® bag to be confident with our products, and to trust our brand to always deliver the the best solution for the job, so that they can focus on the patient and not worry about their kit. We have a team that supports you and we’ll always do the right thing to keep you on the job. We stand behind a commitment to excellence and guarantee our products will function for a lifetime under our MERET for Life (M4L) Warranty.

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