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December 21, 2016

S1, E13: Saved by the Department He Served with FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane (Ret.)

S1, E13: Saved by the Department He Served w FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane (Retired)
December 15, 2016

Roof Collapses on Crowded Nigerian Church

A church packed with worshipers and government officials for the ordination of a local bishop became a disaster scene in Nigeria this week when the roof collapsed during the ceremony, leaving a large, but uncertain number of bodies among the wreckage. While official reports place the […]
December 14, 2016

#WednesdayWisdom from…FDNY Pro Firefighter Peter Kenney

Rig placement can set the tone at a fire. The importance of the first-arriving companies positioning their rigs correctly cannot be over-emphasized. Communication plays a significant role in this. With proper training and planning, members should anticipate and be prepared for what “could happen” when positioning […]
December 8, 2016

Firefighter Shot in Post-Operations Ambush

A Youngstown, Ohio fire officer was shot in the leg as several rounds passed through the front door of his engine apparatus while the crew was taking up from a vacant house fire on Monday night. Members of Engine Co. 7 told police that they saw […]
December 8, 2016

FDNY Overcomes Water Loss at Manhattan Two-Alarm Fire

View the WNYF article linked below to read about this challenging incident, during which units overcame wind conditions and an out-of-service standpipe to extinguish a difficult fire. WNYF, 2nd/2011 issue: FDNY Overcomes Water Loss at Manhattan Two-Alarm Fire During the mid-afternoon on December 10, 2010, units […]
December 1, 2016

‘Black Friday’ Violence Comes a Day Early

The shopping frenzy that unfolds on the day after Thanksgiving was again marred by deadly violence this year, as two people were killed and another two were injured in shopping-related shootings in three different states…all before “Black Friday” even began. All three shootings occurred on Thanksgiving […]
November 30, 2016

#WednesdayWisdom from FDNY Pro Firefighter Anthony Caterino

This is certainly the case for FAST Unit Operations. Although our purpose as Firefighters is to save civilian lives and protect property, when a fellow Firefighter becomes the person in danger and in need of rescue, the FAST Unit procedures that we implement will aid in […]
November 28, 2016

Blog: Facebook Data Raises Flag, Responders Should take Note

The integrity of Facebook data came under scrutiny recently, both as it relates to user performance metrics, as well as the accuracy of its content. According to reports, an internal audit at Facebook uncovered inaccuracies in several key metrics designed to measure the impact of user content, […]
November 23, 2016

#WednesdayWisdom from FDNY Pro Deputy Chief Michael McLaughlin and Division Chief Christine Mazzola

Research indicates that effective routines shift activities in the brain from the active thinking areas, to the “auto-pilot” regions of the brain. This leaves the active thinking areas with more capability to process unique, non-routine information. Many of the Department’s protocols and procedures are intended to […]
November 21, 2016

Blog: Fire in a Tenement with a Penthouse Addition

This Blog post is written to recap a fire involving a penthouse added onto the roof of a non-fireproof multiple dwelling and discuss some unique challenges that this feature presented. We encourage readers to review the full article in WNYF’s second issue of 2010. Manhattan Box 1192 On […]
December 1, 2010

First Responder Boxes (aka Gang or Lock Boxes)

December 1, 2010

A Unique Roof — The Sawtooth, Part II, Firefighting Procedures

In Part I of this article (see “A Unique Roof–The Sawtooth, Part I, Construction Features, by Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora, in the 3rd/2010 issue of WNYF), trademark construction features were discussed. Part II focuses on fighting fires safely and effectively in buildings with sawtooth roofs.  […]
December 1, 2010

An Updated Guide to Handling Class 3 and Class E Alarms

The article, “Class 3 and Class E Systems–Making Them Work for Firefighters” (also by this author), described how to administratively handle unnecessary/unwarranted Class 3 and Class E alarms. (See the 4th/2008 issue of WNYF.) Due to the new Building and Fire Codes (2008) and the new […]
December 1, 2010

FDNY Chemical Protective Clothing Upgrade

Haz-Mat Operations is in the process of upgrading the Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) issued to units in the Hazardous Materials Response Group. Goals The main goals of the upgrade project are threefold: increase Department response capabilities with mission-specific protection; improve responder safety; and decrease physical impact […]
December 1, 2010

FDNY Members Mitigate Another Andrew J. Barberi Ferry Crash

May 8, 2010, started out as a typical Saturday morning, with units performing committee work and preparing to attend multi-unit drills (MUD). That calm was shattered shortly after 0900 hours when the ferry, Andrew J. Barberi–the same ferry that was involved in the fatal accident on […]
December 1, 2010

Water Problems Overcome at Queens Four-Alarm Fire in H-Type Multiple Dwelling

January 11, 2010, was a busy morning in Queens, filled with routine responses, when Box 9689 was transmitted at 1150 hours for a report of fire on the second floor of a residential building. Two more telephone calls were received in the next minute, prompting the […]
December 1, 2010

Bay Ridge Fourth Alarm

July 29th, 2009, was a hot, rainy, humid night in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Within minutes of the Brooklyn Fire Alarm Dispatchers receiving the first call for a fire in a store at 68th Street and 3rd Avenue, two Fire Marshals came across this blaze. Simultaneously, a […]
December 1, 2010

2011 FDNY/FDNY Foundation Symposium Letter (ad–inside back cover)

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