FDNY Editor

September 6, 2018

Plane with Sick Passengers Lands in JFK

An Emirates flight out of Dubai touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens Wednesday with an undetermined number of sick passengers, causing a quarantine and an emergency response. A total of 10 patients, including passengers and crew members, were eventually transported to a […]
August 30, 2018

Fire on Liberty Island Causes Evacuation

At least 3,000 people had to be evacuated from Liberty Island Monday after a fire broke out at a construction site, involving three propane gas tanks (100 lbs. each). Two fires boats were dispatched and the first-arriving boat stretched a hand-line. FDNY land units quickly followed, […]
August 28, 2018

S3, E33 Recalling Waldbaum’s, 1978 with FDNY Captain Howard Venetsky (Ret.)

On August 2, 1978, twelve FDNY Firefighters plunged into a burning Waldbaum’s Supermarket when the bowstring truss roof collapsed at the center of the store. Six of the Firefighters made the Supreme Sacrifice. In this episode, retired FDNY Captain Howard Venetsky, who was working in Rescue […]
August 23, 2018

Ebola Enters Congo War Zone

The Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) declared a new outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in North Kivu Province, World Health Organization (WHO) said, indicating the first time Ebola was found in an active conflict zone. As of Tuesday’s tally, 61 people […]
August 16, 2018

Ramming Attack near U.K. Parliament

A Sudanese-British man deliberately drove his vehicle into a small group of cyclists, who suffered minor injuries, in London’s Parliament Square, and was stopped by a barrier as he sped towards the U.K.’s seat of government. The suspect, who is not believed to be known to […]
August 9, 2018

Death Toll Rises after Earthquake

At least 259 people are now confirmed dead after a 7.0 earthquake rocked the island of Lombok in Indonesia on Sunday. The earthquake, which followed a 6.4 quake about a week ago, has displaced 156,000 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes. Most fatalities were […]
August 2, 2018

California Wildfires

The Carr Fire near Redding, California has burned more than 116,000 acres and destroyed over 1,000 homes, and is now considered the 7th worst in state history, but the worst statistic is that six people have died due to these blazes, including two firefighters. One firefighter, […]
July 30, 2018

S3, E32 Routine Chemical Exposures in the EMS Workplace with FDNY Lt. Robert Carlo

Pre-hospital care providers face many potential job hazards, including exposure to and handling of hazardous chemical substances. In this episode, FDNY EMS Lieutenant Robert Carlo discusses the types of chemical exposures Department Emergency Medical Services members are exposed to, how to identify the symptoms of a […]
July 26, 2018

Duck Boat Capsizes, Claims Lives 

An amphibious excursion vehicle, commonly called a duck boat, capsized in choppy waters on Table Rock Lake last Thursday, bordering Arkansas and Missouri, claiming the lives of 17 people (nine from one family) among 29 passengers and two crew members. The boat was faced with 73 […]
July 19, 2018

Flash Flooding Causes Evacuation in Grand Canyon

Heavy rains last week funneled into the Havasupai Falls area of the Grand Canyon, forcing tourists to seek high ground as rivers swelled. As the campground is ten miles from roads, the evacuation of 200 people was problematic. Tribal members, who run the reservation, shuttled stranded […]
June 30, 2013

Bureau of Communications Timeline During Hurricane Sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012 Time 0900 Action Hurricane Sandy homebound evacuation Incident Action Plan (IAP) went into effect in preparation for incoming storm, ending at 0900 hours on October 29, 2013. The objective of the IAP is to remove and accompany home-bound individuals to evacuation centers […]
June 30, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Sparks Conflagration in Breezy Point

Hurricane Sandy illustrates the full spectrum of FDNY preparedness and response capabilities, along with its commitment to community recovery. This was realized when a rare meteorological event occurred, merging Hurricane Sandy with a Nor’easter, to create a “perfect superstorm.” With its record low pressure, the storm […]
June 30, 2013

Facade Collapse in Chelsea

Already, it had been a busy afternoon for FDNY units on October 29, 2012, the day Hurricane Sandy slammed into New York City. A crane dangled precariously above the streets of midtown, engaging dozens of units for much of the day. Later in the evening, fire […]
June 30, 2013

A Command-Level Critique of the West 57th Street Crane Collapse

FDNY units responded to a reported crane collapse on West 57th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, at 1433 hours on October 29, 2012. On arrival, members found that a section of the boom was hanging precariously from the crane at the 75th-floor level, obviously the […]
June 30, 2013

Queens Fires and Floods

New York City was struck by Hurricane Sandy with catastrophic results on October 29, 2012. Most New York City residents in the predicted inundation areas did not believe that a storm in late October could produce a deadly surge of ocean water, flooding multiple residential and […]
June 30, 2013

Preparation for Hurricane Sandy

Practicing and understanding firefighting techniques and hazards that are unique to a given incident are key to successful operations. This article focuses on preparation procedures for large-scale weather events; specifically, Hurricane Sandy. A disaster plan acts as a template for successful protocols and actions. It also […]
June 30, 2013

Hurricane Sandy: An Operational Overview

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, the National Weather Service predicted a high possibility of a major hurricane impacting the New York City metropolitan area. Hurricane Sandy was the second most powerful Atlantic storm to hit the eastern coast of the United States since Hurricane Katrina in […]
June 30, 2013

Extraordinary FDNY Response

Welcome to this special 2nd/2013 issue of WNYF, dedicated to the Department’s response and operations before, during and after Hurricane Sandy. FDNY’s response to Hurricane Sandy was a major milestone in the history of the Department and will more clearly define its role during a major […]